Friday, April 18, 2008

Cut It Out! x Girl's Bite Out!

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Cut It Out! Apparel was out and about at the Get Em Girls - Girl's Bite Out! event. It went down last night at the Westside Loft in the heart of NYC's fashion district.

We want to thank ALL the lovely ladies and gents that attended and took the time to stop by our booth to check us out. We appreciated all of the positive feedback we received about our brand, as well as the advice and encouraging comments.

We’d also like to give many thanks to the Get Em’ Girls staff for having us. The event was beautiful, fueled with great people and positive energy.

For those of you who inquired about our new logo t-shirt dresses, they will be available for purchase at our online store by May 1, 2008.

Thanks again for the love!!!

Are you a Cut It Out! girl??!!!


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Marvelous Mo said...

Hey Hey Hey!!! Check me out!!

Love you guys!