Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cut It Out! x The YMCA's Teen Action Summer Program

(WIHS Students and Director pose for a pic 
with the tees given to them by Cut It Out!
Click image for a larger view)

Today we had the pleasure of visiting students of Washington Irving High School (WIHS) in NYC, enrolled in the YMCA Teen Action Summer Program!  The program, which runs for six weeks, teaches WIHS students the fundamentals of starting a t-shirt business. Starting from developing a concept, transferring their ideas to a silk screen, printing on to tees, coming up with their business name, learning what it takes to structure a business, and eventually setting up a booth to sell their tees at two events this summer.  

We visited the students to talk about how we got started with our tee business, the mission of Cut It Out! and the business strategy that works to keep us going!  The students also shared their work with us. ALL of which were very creative, and intelligent ideas.  

We had a really great time talking with the WIHS students and would like to thank them all for welcoming us to their classroom. We would also like to thank both Amelia and Candy for inviting us to come and talk with the students. We really appreciate it!

Be sure to check us out this Saturday at Harriet's Alter Ego's Backyard Couture event!

Are you a Cut It Out! Girl?!


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